Is there water on Mars? Or Is there life on Mars?

In September 2015, NASA scientists discovered water flowing across the surface of Mars. This was a potential breakthrough in both the search for life beyond Earth and human hopes to one day travel there.

Are we all alone in the Universe? The discoveries led to questions about life on the Red Planet (Mars).

The scientist says, liquid found in the Mars (perchlorates) is 10 times saltier than a saltiest particle found on Earth. If this liquid is unsuitable for the drinking purpose, how we are going to end our thirsts? These kind of questions arise in our mind. On the other end, importing water from earth to the planet Mars is very expensive and that can’t work in our long-term life journey.

Interesting Fact: It takes 21 minutes for a radio signal to get back to Earth

Mars atmosphere is as thick as Earth and there might be plenty of resource hidden. Some researchers suggest, humidifier process will work to get water in red planet. The soil contains ice crystals, which can be heated to start vaporizing and turns into liquid form.

Did you know: Mar's atmoshere is made up of 95% carbon dioxide

The best way to keep us alive with only fresh water. Researcher team also found a large amount of dust covered glacier on the polar caps. The northern caps alone has 621 miles of ice, which is very huge and source of H2O.

Did you know: A year on Mars lasts 687 Earth days

Is there water on Mars Or Is there life on Mars




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