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Angry Birds: The story behind this successful mobile game.

How Angry Birds Started?

Angry Birds has been downloaded over 2 billion times. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has admitted to a mild addiction, as have a variety of other supposedly busy people, from Dick Cheney to Mad Men actor Jon Hamm. Few years ago, two brothers, Rodrigo and Gustavo Dauster, competed against each other in a two-month marathon session to see who could score the maximum number of points. Mothers bake Angry Bird cakes and stitch Angry Bird Hallowe’en costumes for their children.

Angry Birds is like a drug, only cheaper!

In total, the game notches up 200 million minutes of play time every day, which is close to the number of minutes viewers in the United States spend watching the average prime-time television program.


How Angry Birds Started
Infograph: How Angry Birds Started? (Source)

“When we released Angry Birds, we started getting fan mail saying, “I love the game, but please, please, please, make more levels to Angry Birds.” So one of the first objectives was to make more levels. And they started complaining again to make more levels. We kept getting the same message. We had about 60 levels when we first released Angry Birds. Now we have, like, 300″ says, Niklas Hed, co-founder of Rovio Mobile, maker of Angry Birds.

Real Angry Birds, inspired by the game Angry Birds, premiers on Nat Geo Wild July 12, 2015. National Geographic also has a book Angry Birds Feathered Fun for learning all about birds.

A 3D animated feature film, The Angry Birds Movie, is in development, which is scheduled to be released on May 20, 2016.




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