Dubai: Smoke Still Wafting After Address Hotel Fire

Few hours before the new year's fireworks, fire broke out in a residence on 20th floor of The Address Hotel (Dubai) injuring 16 people.

Dubai authorities seek cause of massive hotel fire at New Year

New Year's fireworks Dubai

Just before fire broke out in the 63-storey building housing The Address Hotel, the Government of Dubai Media Office tweeted: “@BurjKhalifa set to dazzle the world in 200 minutes.”

Firefighters had battled the blaze raging at the swanky Address Downtown Dubai hotel late Thursday as a spectacular New Year's fireworks display lit up the night sky nearby. The fire started around 9:30 p.m. (12:30 p.m. ET) Thursday and burned well into the early hours of Friday. Witnesses said they heard explosions as the blaze ate away at one side of the towering structure in the heart of downtown Dubai.





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