Drunk pessenger tries to open flight emergency door

The easyJet flight travelling from Marrakech to London was forced to land in Bordeaux after a drunk British passenger opened an emergency exit.

In a bizarre incident, a drunk British passenger tried to open a plane’s door at 30,000 feet, forcing the flight to make emergency landing at an airport in France.

The 180-seat Airbus A320, easyJet flight was travelling from Marrakech, Morocco to Gatwick in London, on Monday when it was forced to divert to France, 650 miles away from its final destination and land in Bordeaux, after a drunk man allegedly tried to open the plane’s door at 30,000 ft causing panic on board, The Daily Mirror reported.

The man is reportedly believed to be in his 30’s. Witnesses say the man began downing spirits from duty free as soon as he boarded the flight.

Following take-off he allegedly became rowdy, getting out of his seat and marching up and down the aisles of the plane.

When the man’s girlfriend tried to intervene he then allegedly pushed her.

Witnesses claim he continued with his rowdy behaviour going up to the aircraft’s emergency door as fearful passengers attempted to intervene to restrain him.

After landing in Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport, French police rushed on to the plane blowing whistles and arrested him.

“Such incidents are rare. We take them very seriously and always push for prosecution,” easyJet spokesman said.

French police are still investigating.


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